Friday, June 29, 2007

My opinion over the 802.11 growth in China

In my opinion, the wi-fi market is growing really fast in China. This growth was driven primarily by Wi-Fi’s advantages in mobility, data rate, and user demand in all three segments. However, because of early difficulty in building viable subscription models and the relatively small number of hotspot users, laptop owners and broadband subscribers, telecom operators slowed their rates of investment in Wi-Fi businesses, and the market slowed. Today, however, growth in the Consumer/Home Use and Enterprise segments is gaining momentum and the Chinese Wi-Fi market has entered a new stage of rational growth. The increasing popularity of broadband, new applications for Wi-Fi in phones and consumer electronics, and technological investments are propelling sustained market growth. As the widely utilization of notebook computer, the wireless access to the internet is becoming an urgent requirement for all the notebook users. This is mainly because the mobility usage of the notebook and the convience wireless network introduced. Nowadays, even family users prefer to install a wireless router instead of a LAN. So the wi-fi market have a bright prospect. Even mobile phone user are eager to buy a machine which has the feature of wi-fi access. Because this can facilitate them to make extremely cheap VOIP calls through wi-fi connetions.

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